Only Shallow

My sleeplessness has lapsed from a cronicly upset sleeping pattern into genuine insomnia. I didn't sleep suday night and I didn't sleep last night making it two all nighters with one night of sleep in between. Its rediculous. I don't know what to do about it. Besides taking an effect on my health and mental well being it also afects my earnings as my vocals are shot one days where I haven't gotten sleep and the following day I tend to be to tired to do much of anything at all. Besides, no one wants to drop monney in the case of a kid with bright red eyes and huge bags underneath. Fuck.

This is a weird thing to shove in the same post as it is compleatly unrelated. I've finaly droped my stance on drugs. Which is to say I've gotten so pissed off at everything that I just don't care anymore. How can pot be more fucked up and ilusionary then what I'm doing to my self anyway? Really all my old thoughts stand but I just don't care anymore. and I doubt that I'll ever do it with my theater friends because it just seems so fucking mundain with them, so fucking boring and self indulgent. Still I want to try everything, I want to experience it all and maybe see how close to bottoming out I can get.

Pablo Picasso - "Glass of Absinthe"

look in the mirror shes not there

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