Walk On The Wild Side

The biggest fuck yous in rock and roll

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone and Self Portrait
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music
Nirvana - In Utero
Radiohead - Kid A

Fans rally around angry bands because it is human to attack the hypocritical corrupt mainstream. But to attack the hypocritical corrupt fans who have made you famous, divine.

Fuck Andy Warhol

thought she was james dean for a day


Trippin' On A Hole In A Papper Heart

I hate when people tell me 'don't do that, thats cliche'. Don't get me wrong, I understand where they're coming from. But to me they fall into the 'don't where converce because everyone does' crowd, or the 'I won't listen to arctic monkeys, they are over hyped' crowd. These people detest those who just follow trends, who loose they're free will and just do what their peers do. But if you don't do something just because your peers do isn't that a loss of free will too? If you don't realy care for converse but you wear them because everyone else does, thats no good. But if you like converse and stop wearing them because everyone else started then everyone else just chose your footwear. The trick is to wear what You like and listen to what You want to listen to. Just because idiots like it doesn't make it idiotic. Forget about all of them. Everything is cliche.

i'm not dead and i'm not for sale


In My Eyes

you tell me you like the taste
You Just Need An Excuse
you tell me it calms your nerves
You Just Think It Looks Cool
you tell me you want to be different
You Just Change For The Same
you tell me its only natural
You Just Need The Proof
Did You Fucking Get It?

Its in my eyes!
and it Doesn't Look That Way To Me
In My Eyes

you tell me nothing matters
You're Just Fucking Scared
you tell me that your better
You Just Hate Your Self
you tell me that you like her
You Just Wish You Did
you tell me that i make no difference
At Least I'm Fucking Trying
What The Fuck Have You Done?

Its in my eyes!
and it Doesn't Look That Way To ME
In My Eyes
-words by Ian MacKaye

happy 420