Comfy in Nautica

So I was thinking of Patti Smith and REM wile I was playing guitar to do some spoken words over heavy noise guitar. So I sat down and wrote some unfinished lyrics. I varry between thinking its good and its crap but I'm gonna put it here anyway.

Burt out light bulbs make a clear statement
The make it hard to read
Hell is all things static
Hell is everything I see
A hundred piles of broken CDs
Is enough to just disurage me
Hell is the notion that nothing around me is clean
The light shining off a ball point pen
Lapses into chaos for just one second and only in my mind
Six thoulsand wheels turning in circles
Can't really give me back my time
Hell is enthropy
Every time my heart beats it gives energy
Its gonna stop eventualy
Its hating music that you like music
Its hating everything about you
Freedom in everything you hate
Its the stifiling fear that one day I will slow down
I hope you never turn around
Hell is all things dynamic
The must be at least sixteen things pulsating around in me
A dog walk
A cherry bomb
Lether bound book
A warm day
Scotch tape
A split tung
gamma ray
A broken sign they took down so it doesn't swing anymore
I hope you never want more
Because I hope you never get more
Your ideas fit around you like a warm sock
Your made up preafrances
Hell is everying I haven't made
Hell is everyone I have ever talked to

just to have a good time