Animal Nitrate

I think comic books are one of the last vital underground medium, well maybe dance aswell but I'm not all that interested though check out the Lines Ballet - ridiculous. Its so alive for two reasons. Firstly because no one cares about it. Its considered by and large to be an inferior medium or one that just contains pulp. This is based for the most part in fact. The majority of its readership even are either looking for more masculine soap operas or for the kind of bs you would find in fan fictions or b movies. Even the few good comics that get brought into the main stream (all of them by movies) such as watchmen or sin city perpetuate the notion that they only are good for superheros or action. The second reason is that, unlike visual art or photography, it has the ability to be widely distributed in its intended format for an affordable price, and also the ability to circulate on the internet without very much loss of intent. Its brilliant. I think there are so many amazing things that can be done, and are being done, with comics. I know I've read significantly less comics then novels over the last year and yet the comics I did read hit me much harder. Really right now I'm just excited over the second volume of phonogram that has started coming out in issues. The first trade collection of it affected me more then any book at all I read over the last year (well, maybe not on the road). Are there contemporary underground novels even being written? Perhaps I just don't have an in to them. I got introduced to indie comics by chris jones and to underground music by chancing upon tiny mix tapes so maybe there is a grand indie lit scene but I don't think so. Also I just love the freeness of comics. Why describe something when you can show it? And why show something when you can suggest it? Theres so much to think about as to the format of each page or to how each thing is drawn, its just amazing. I've been rambling havent I?


and the delights of the chemical smile

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