I seem to have found my lyrics once more. I shall now chain them up so they never escape again.

I get distracted again
I let myself distracted again
I let myself slip off once again
I'll never do it again

You start to trying I know
You can't stop dieing I know
You don't stop facing it and placing it outside
You'll never

And I want
The silver slips that take all you
The festival the liquor and the
You come tell me when it starts to fall

You can't love me and give that complaint
Stark naked and god I need restraint
It isn't all for nothing
It isn't all for nothing! O!

And I'll wait for you to call out
This time I've just a couple doubts on you
I wait for you to answer to my calls
This isn't all
Is this all?

nature intended the abstract for you and me