Texas Serenade

I don't like drugs. I've done my best to convince myself that they are harmless if not abused, that if my friend wants to do it then more power to them. Thats bull shit. I come to realize this as every one of my friends start to use more. Because as their not doing it they're thinking about it, talking about it. Not so much that they need find some but they think the night would be so much better if they did. And it sticks me on the outside. I don't acutualy enjoy hanging out with intoxicated people, I find them all quite dull, devoid of personality, but I tell people I do because its better then being excluded and left at home. And its too artificial. Getting wasted means that who your with doesn't matter because everyones pretty much the same. Its a get out of jail free card for acualy talking to anyone. I hate with all my heart having to tell people I'm straight edge but I know that if I did do anything I would just crawl in the corner and greive over how fucked up it all is.

he's dead on the lawn of the house that he owned
what will they say about him?