Rambling on my mind

Since I have no original thoughts in my head I've decided to make a list about the past and the new year.

What I did right of 2007:

  • Got so much better at guitar
  • Expanded my music tastes like crazy
  • Realized the virtues of vinyl records
  • Made one or two good short films
  • Went to three incredible concerts
  • Graduated a prestigious college course
  • Spent lots of time hanging out
What could have been better
  • Flunked out of school
  • Alienated myself from a good deal of my friends
  • Had no relationships and no hookups
  • Spent a lot a lot of time doing nothing
  • Stopped rock climbing and all other forms of exercise
  • Lost a stable state of mind
Resolutions for this year
  • Get back into Albany High
  • Get into a good relationship
  • Stop doing nothing so much
  • Get better at guitar
  • Wright much much more songs
  • Realy, wright anything at all
  • Listen to more blues and jazz
  • Get a job
  • Start a band
  • Start climbing again
  • Read more
  • Start speaking up more
  • Stop being in a daze so much of the time
  • Watch more movies and less tv
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Get some more sleep

Not a bad list I think. We'll see how it works out.

I got rambling
I got rambling all on my mind
I hates to leave my baby
But she treats me so unkind


Roll Over Beethoven

This is a place for me to ramble.
I've decided to wright a blog for a couple of reasons

Partially from inspiration after reading Jacquelyn's blog

And Partially from my mom's nagging.


You know, my temperatures risin
And the jukebox blows a fuse.
My hearts beatin rhythm
And my soul keeps on singin the blues.
Roll over beethoven and tell tschaikowsky the news.