eight things that were bad about that were bad about that east bay express article about teenage bands.
  1. kisses the ass of the bands for five pages
  2. fundamentally misunderstands what it is to be a rock band
  3. interview the parents
  4. tells us nothing about the music
  5. only takes stupid quotes from the bands
  6. compares them to the likes of the backstreet boys and hannah montana
  7. overly focused on the age of the bands
  8. thought of high school bands as a new phenomenon
I'm away for the weekend. See ya later.

what do you do when you get lonely?


Bitter Sweet Symphony

$17.50 in an hour and a half and it smells sweet. As is shouting out songs into the street. And as I sing Like a Rolling Stone "how does it feel?" some kids walk by yelling "I feel it" and "this guys my brother!". And tourists sitting next to me and taking a picture. and old ladys warning me that someone might mug me for the monney in my guitar case. and cute chicks in blue shirts pointing from across the way and making the eyes at me and taking pictures. and talking to an african drum maker about busking. And seeing people stare at my case witch states "this machine kills fascists". and feeling like you made a million bucks instead of seventeen. Why would anyone get a real job?

I let the melody shine
let it cleanse my mind

The Distance

the truth is painful and depressing and aggressive and destructive and potentially meaningless but I have to believe its more important and that its always better to know.

Hes going the distance
Hes going for speed