God Save The Queen

A couple weeks ago I was riding in the car with my mother and one of her co-workers. Because the oscars were approaching we passed the time talking about movies. I mentioned that No Country For Old Men was defiantly going to win best picture. Me and my mom highly recommended the film and sighted it as one of the best new movies we had seen in ages. My mother's associate said that she herd it was good but wasn't sure if she wanted to see it because it looked like a dark film. She didn't like dark things. I noticed that I immediately and without a thought was done with her. Nothing she said after that mattered to me in the least because of that statement. What I mean to say is though I sure that people who don't like dark things have fulfilling and happy lives. But they have nothing to say that matters to me. The world is a dark real place and anyone who doesn't want to see that doesn't want to know the truth. And I have no use for them.

no future


Shut the Door

He types in the search box and notices the the type line doesn't move as the letter appear. He types his selection backwards to compensate. He has a head ache. He watches a short animation on radiohead's fitter happier witch bothers him more than he thinks it should. He starts to type something else in the search box but it comes out backwards. He hits the windows key and then escape. He presses the f1 key and then closes the help window that opens up. He presses f2 and a different search bar appears. He hits the x on it many times but instead of closing it makes a loud beeping noise. He has a big headache. A warning box pops up. He closes firefox, gets up, and gos to sleep.

shes not breathing!


River Man

I never seem to notice anything. Its become somewhat of a joke among my friends, how I don't know whats going on around me, how I'm off and on in weird intervals, how I fall asleep at parties.
I don't realy see the humor in it. But, though no one else has comented on this ocurance, I feel that its getting worse. I'm starting to confuse yesterday with the day before with the day before. Things that happoned to me months or years ago tend to apear in my head and envelop me in thought. It seems like I'll go places to see people and then I'll talk to them very little. I'll try as hard as I can to make conversation but my mind will be pulling me somewhere else far away. I'm trying.

If he tells me all he knows
about the way his river flows
I don't suppose
its meant for me