Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

My stereo system broke all at the same time. The pre-amp on my receiver died 100%, I replaced it for $25 and the new one now started turning itself off all the time. The left ear of my headphones stooped playing all together unless you contort the wire in just the right position and hold it there completely unmoving. The headband near the left side suffered a break as well so now the left ear falls off occasionally. The right phone has started cutting out now and then too. The input of my practice amp is in the proses of breaking and ever second time I plug in it doesn't work. The ground wire on my turntable seems to have severed irreparably. My cd player's spring broke a long long time ago but now the input is shaky as well. Also it keeps convincing itself it's open in the middle of songs and so it re-reads the disk and starts the album from the beginning. The pad fell off the front of my right speaker. A hinge disintegrated on my acoustic guitar's case over a month ago but I am too cheep to get it fixed and instead covered it with gaffers tape. Stuart just wants to listen to music. I just want to listen to music. I feel like i'm going to throw up. 

i mean, no one ever actually asked him to forsake his dreams