What Is and What Never Should Be

new song, this time theres a tune and guitar part and all. I'm not sure if its quite finished yet though.

You want me
No you don't
You mean something
I don't know
A can of arsenic
To get me off of your toes

Do you want me
I should go
You are not me
Or did I show
A creep with pasty heart
And made of gold

A creep with pasty heart
Growing mold

if you say to me tomorow
take my hand child come with me


Radio Song

Bob Dylan is sitting somewhere in manhattan with his guitar. Its 1962. His friends have herd him play before but only other peoples songs. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, get him a little drunk and you drag an Elvis tune out of him. So for the first time he plays an original composition, lets say Its Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), but he really could have played them anything. They tell him 10 things
  1. It makes no sense
  2. I barely has a tune
  3. You sound like you swallowed a toad
  4. Its melodramatic and cheesy
  5. Its a real downer
  6. Its gos on for ages
  7. Its a strange bastard child of rock and folk
  8. It doesn't rhyme
  9. Stick to your woody guthrie
  10. Your names bobby zimmerman
Don't give up

the world is collapsing around our ears


Blues From a Gun

Today was a good day. It was a good day. I had a great breakfast at cafeina. I played guitar for two hours. I hoped a train into berekely and got two clasic records that had previously alluded me. I saw a good play and some people I rarely see. After that me and jack caught a buss into berkeley, grabed dinner and hung out until midnight.
But I also had a horrible day where things lacked significance and I just struggled to get out of my head for a moment.

dreams of escape keep me awake
i'm never gonna get out and make it anyway