I was busking yesterday at my secondary spot, my best one stolen a week and a half ago and I was making no monney. I was making no monney primarily because of dutch. dutch was a panhandler not the starving war veteran with children panhadler the mid twentys high on life among other things cardbord sign asking for pot monney half empty flask of liquor in pocket ("my sixth today""fuck man, how are you still standing?") kind. he was alright which is to say a creep and a moron but layd back and blissed out. he told me his friend was the drumer for dream theater and he could get me recorded. yeah yeah thanks. he sat not to far from me because he liked my music. great. people were symathisers with his cause and gave him monney or were not amused by him and thought the two of us were freinds asking for change together and passed over me. usualy I ask them to move I was here first after all and I'm actualy giving a service not just asking for charity but he was decent to me and realy far gone and I didn't have the heart. theres a point to this. I must have been in hallelujah which has become somewhat of my money song since I found I key that I can sing it like a kid out in the rain like paul mccartney in o darling and fuck I feel it and this chick walks by doesn't lift her head to me but well I'd been getting that all day and slick here looks up and shouts to be herd over me at that point to the woman Smile Your Beautiful and she does. don't get me wrong he want struck by something to say that he says it four more times before I left him. it was just part of his being a creep schtick and most of the subsequent ones flicked him off which is good I think fuck that guy but still that first one stuck me. Smile Your Beatuiful and she did and she was. its almost a cliche in music now post james blunt post everyother singer songwriter wanting to get laid the music tapes have it prominantly on a track and its contained in the track that I borrowed the title for this peice but I still like it. its still just the best thing you can say. you are beautiful. and even if your not beautiful you are beautiful. for ever and ever and ever and ever and

aimless and alive, broken and divine