Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)

Boredom breeds depression. And when no one can hang out I gain an abundance of both. Its been a horrible week, and a horrible month.

I don't need no arm around me
I don't need no drugs to calm me
I have seen the writing on the wall
Don't think that I need anything at all


House Fire

I am going out of my head
Wanting to see you again
Wanting to see you again

I see you on the drawing board
With the jewels I can't aford
And the time that I can't give

But I know that if we sat for a wile
You would enjoy my smile
But perhaps your better off with his

I need you when I'm by myself
When I can't stand anyone else
When I want to break free

And I know that this could never be true
I'd end up hurting you
It would end up killing me

So I'm just going out of my head
Wanting to see you again
Wanting to see you again

Don't let it burn
Don't get confused
Don't let it get to you


Say Yes

A few random thoughts on a song.

I read a strange thing about Nirvana's rape me the other day. The song is already misrepresented by its name. So much so that at one point MTV wouldn't allow them to play it at the video music awards. The thing I read said that kurt cobain had a strange obsession with a case of a girl being raped after a punk rock concert. They say he wrote the song polly from the rapists point of view, and rape me from the girls. This, thought it makes sense from the songs title, is nothing at all what I get from the song. Cobain was not misogynistic or sexist, and he wouldn't suggest that the victim asked for what happened. In my mind the song is about a guy who's become so drunk, or stoned, that, at the end of the night, he can't even move enough to have sex with the girl he ended up with. But hes so afraid to be alone that he asks her, as a friend, to have sex with him anyway. I've always thought of it as a sad song, not an agressive one. For some reason I was thinking about this all day.

crooked spin can't come to rest
i'm damaged bad at best


Sunshine of Your Love

The Beatles have been stuck in my head for the last several days. This may not seem like anythink revolutionary. The truth is, at any given moment for the last three and a half years, chances are that theres a Beatles' song running through my mind. But the past few days have been different. Instead of my usual playlist of Yer Blues, Oh Darling, Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, Come Together, and a dozen others, is been Love to You, Mother Natures Sun, I Want to Tell You, I Want You/She's So Heavy, Julia, and especially Got to Get You Into My Life. I have dreams about that song. The strange thing is, nothing else has changed. I'm not so depressed right now, but give it a few days, it'll come back. I'm not in love, lust, or want. Nor in desperation, angst, or grief. The only song of that list I can even relate to is I Want to Tell You, witch is about being at a complete loss for words whenever your around someone you like. But, god, I want the feeling of Got to Get You Into My Life. It would be great! And you know what? I'm ready for it. Two weeks ago I couldn't have been in a relationship, I would have sabotaged it before it got off the ground. But right now, I be a great boyfriend. I mean, god damn, I'm love sick and I'm not even in love!

Wow, I've totally forgotten where I was going with that rant. Whatever

I've been waiting so long
To get where I'm going
In the Sunshine of Your Love!