some days. I have no vice but if I feel like I need one right now. And I'm not happy, more than usual at least. And all I do is think about that when I'm with friends. Because they're unhappy too. And I don't want to walk around with them I just want to sit down and talk but when we do I just want to move. Or I just want to go home. And they're being an ass and I'm annoyed at them and I'm sure they're annoyed with me because I'm being an ass and I want to be alone but when I am I realize its the worse. And everyone feels this way too. And everyone feels this way.

well my ex says I'm laking in depth
but I will do my best

One Armed Scissor

I love punk rock and hardcore. The energy the anger the minimalism. And there are a lot of incredible bands. Sex Pistols, Clash, Minor Threat, Gun Club. I can't get enough. But for every bit of fidelity theres a gallon of sludge. People attracted to the noise, the image, the anger, but without the purpose. Punk is not a way of dressing, its not an excuse for drugs and sex, its not a way of hating everyone else. Its music, and I wish you would shut up.

yes this is the campaign



Two people resently told me they didn't want to hang out with me because I'm moving to new york in september. What? They think that I'm gonna ruin my life, that I'm going to be back in albany in a couple months dirt broke. I guess they may be right. But I doubt it. But even if they were right, that doen't justify thinking less of me, yelling at me when the subject comes up. What kind of friends are they, who can't get past the mistake they think I'm making. The truth is, come september things will never be the same. They won't get to hang out with me weather they want to or not, so why waist the time we have.

guns can't kill what soldiers can't see