Reverend Black Grape

Tonight I will wright a good blog post that I have been seriously meaning to wright since sunday but have been to lazy to do so and don't have the time to do it now. So I'm just putting this up as a reminder.

kill the message
can I get a witness?



No one here gets out alive/and i don't mean you die but you die or you might as well/your john lennon/with the bullet or your paul mccartney with memory almost full/your sid vicious whos heart stopped or your johnny rotten whos anger stoped because everything kills you/everything you see will either crush your lungs or crush your spirit and leave you a shadow/and the only ones who are remembered as living are the ones in the grave/and is that best?/jim morreson only made it 27 years

we live in the shadow and we had the chance and threw it away
and its never gonna be the same