New Shoes

Why have my last few posts sucked? Well. Its because right now I am happy, or at least genearaly content. The wether is nice, the sun is shining, and I am just enjoying things. This leads to much less interesting thoughts going through my head. In the beginging of Trainspotting he talks about when your addicted to heroin you only have one thing to worry about, scoring more heroin. When your off it you have all sorts of things to worry about. Your debt, your job, you family, your love life, so on so on. I almost feel that way about my happyness. When I am down there are all kinds of things I get upset over. All sorts of injustices, and sorts of things wrong with the world and myself and other people that my mind clings to. When I am up swing those things are still there and still worthy of getting upset over only I am just concerned with my happyness. Not that thats a bad thing, but I often feel that I find myself less intresting on the up and thus more inane posts here. But whatever. I am happy. Life is good. Fuck all else.

The first track of M83's Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts album is called birds. It starts with a robotic female voice saying "Sun Is Shining, Birds Are Singing, Flowers Are Growing, Flowers Are Growing And I Am Flying" and then it says it again and then again and again as distorted electronic sounds build in the background until you can feel the voice shouting over them even though you know its not shouting over them its just an affectless voice with no varience. SUN IS SHINING, BIRDS ARE SINGING......

Here's a song who's lyrics I jotted down I don't know how long ago exactly that I just dug up.

Jodi says she's crying
But I don't believe it for one beat of her godforsaken heart
Jodi says she's dieing
Yeah I would take it all away but I just don't know where to start
If I slid right away from here
You know this time there'd be nothing and just all I'd miss is you
And you are nothing And all you mean is nothing
Take your laugh and your paste and all the sorry words that just never did come true

Jodi says she loves me
But I think by now she know that she is not IS NOT fooling anyone
And if there is a god above me
I'll laugh if he can tell me what I'm supposed to learn from this one
When I slide away from here
All my thoughts and my fucking logic will unfold and start anew
But you're inane! Your callous fucking games
Lose the lies that made you because the ink is starting to show through

slowly stroling in the sweet sunshine

American Flag

What if Jesus triped?

Would he hit the water as if it was earth?

Would he have gotten bruised up?

Would he get wet?

Would the spell suddenly break and leave him sinking?

Or would his feet stay afloat wile his body pushed through, leaving him to drown upsidedown?

if i could stand to be less difficult



I am truly and deeply sory for this but it was stuck in my head the entire fucking day

the singer is a crook