Dub Housing

I'm so tired about the 'what is art' debate. Mostly I'm tired of people saying 'thats not art'. Or of people being overly modest/unambitious by saying 'well, its not art or anything. Its just this thing I did'. Fuck it. Duchamp and his toilate are art. You might not think its good art and thats ok but saying its not art is just bullshit. Thouse drawings you made are art. Don't coward out by saying they're just some unimortant doodles. And stop fuckin worrying about if your art is bad. I'm mean, of course it is if you just started. That doesn't mean you don't have tallent or anything.

anyway, may I present Wassily Kandinsky. I know hes hardly an obscure discovery but I just found his work and its amazing.

how we idolize, theorize, syllogize in the dark, in the heart