JambaSwirl (10:28:30 PM): i commented on your "The End" post again
JambaSwirl (10:28:37 PM): read it
SollyS3 (10:30:16 PM): I disagree
SollyS3 (10:30:24 PM): I think the halves are verry related
JambaSwirl (10:30:33 PM): your wrong
JambaSwirl (10:30:36 PM): cause i disproved you
JambaSwirl (10:30:39 PM): using textual evidence
SollyS3 (10:31:22 PM): you disprovd me?
JambaSwirl (10:31:50 PM): the first half questions whether it is better to do what is moral under consequence, or to go along and be happy
SollyS3 (10:32:14 PM): but look at the case in 1984
JambaSwirl (10:32:25 PM): the second half is questioning whether it is better to do what you believe in (and feel miserable) or play commercial tunes (and still feel miserable)
SollyS3 (10:32:29 PM): if he escaped torchure and was "happy"
SollyS3 (10:32:41 PM): then he would be miserable for selling out his ideals
SollyS3 (10:32:51 PM): so its the same case
JambaSwirl (10:32:59 PM): no
JambaSwirl (10:33:03 PM): the musician makes music for himself
JambaSwirl (10:33:08 PM): you said that yourself
SollyS3 (10:33:34 PM): the musician makes music for himself and starves
SollyS3 (10:33:52 PM): he makes great music and wallows on the street
SollyS3 (10:34:02 PM): he is john lennon the bum
JambaSwirl (10:34:25 PM): yeah, so? in 1984, the guy is miserable after he sells himself out too
JambaSwirl (10:34:31 PM): so that means in BOTH
JambaSwirl (10:34:35 PM): they end up miserable
JambaSwirl (10:35:01 PM): so there its just which one you choose in the end
SollyS3 (10:35:16 PM): but would you rather be miserable by starving or miserable by conscience?
JambaSwirl (10:35:24 PM): starving
JambaSwirl (10:35:32 PM): physical pains are easy to deal with
SollyS3 (10:35:35 PM): miserable by tourcher or miserable by regret?
JambaSwirl (10:35:35 PM): in comparison
JambaSwirl (10:35:44 PM): no im regarding your second arguement
JambaSwirl (10:35:49 PM): take it into reality
JambaSwirl (10:35:57 PM): the first one would obviously a much more difficult choice
SollyS3 (10:36:02 PM): they are the same thing to me
JambaSwirl (10:36:07 PM): no
JambaSwirl (10:36:12 PM): the second arguement is all up to the starving musician
SollyS3 (10:36:17 PM): have you ever been starving?
JambaSwirl (10:36:27 PM): the first arguement is about forced torture
SollyS3 (10:36:37 PM): when you knew that all you had to do was make pop music and be rich?
SollyS3 (10:36:47 PM): you'd be rich
SollyS3 (10:36:58 PM): but instead your dieing on the street
SollyS3 (10:37:05 PM): and nobody cares about you
SollyS3 (10:37:20 PM): if you died you wouldn't even get a grave
JambaSwirl (10:37:24 PM): i know your arguing the extremeties but if i was a guy
JambaSwirl (10:37:30 PM): that was a starving musician, and genius
JambaSwirl (10:37:38 PM): i wouldn't be a fucking idiot and be a studio musician to get money
SollyS3 (10:37:51 PM): wile if you sold out you'd have 200 people at your funeral
SollyS3 (10:37:53 PM): I know
JambaSwirl (10:37:56 PM): i mean, i would be a studio musician
JambaSwirl (10:38:07 PM): not just some idiot starving even though he can help people with his skills
JambaSwirl (10:38:13 PM): in the form of studio playing
SollyS3 (10:38:44 PM): but you go to people at the studio and they'd turn you away
JambaSwirl (10:38:47 PM): there are so many more options for the musician than the guy who's gonna get tortured
SollyS3 (10:38:55 PM): becase you had no monny to pay them with
SollyS3 (10:39:07 PM): and no record lable would pick you up
JambaSwirl (10:39:09 PM): what the fuck are you talking about, people pay you to play for them
JambaSwirl (10:39:14 PM): studio musicians just play their instrument
SollyS3 (10:39:40 PM): thats true
SollyS3 (10:39:45 PM): but what about you?
SollyS3 (10:39:53 PM): You couldn't be a studio musician
JambaSwirl (10:39:56 PM): why not
JambaSwirl (10:39:58 PM): no theory?
SollyS3 (10:40:08 PM): you have too unconventional tenchnique
SollyS3 (10:40:20 PM): if they told you to play blues you couldn't
SollyS3 (10:40:32 PM): if they told you to do a heavy mettle solo you couldn't
JambaSwirl (10:40:41 PM): there are plenty of different places that want different things
JambaSwirl (10:40:52 PM): i'd just sell my skills to somewhere that COULD use them
JambaSwirl (10:41:06 PM): and by the time im out on the streets, i'll have the technical ability to play blues or heavy metal
SollyS3 (10:41:18 PM): I don't think so
SollyS3 (10:41:40 PM): I realy don't think you'll ever be able to play blues
SollyS3 (10:41:54 PM): Just like I'll never be able to play clisical
SollyS3 (10:41:57 PM): or flaminco
JambaSwirl (10:42:00 PM): dude, those techniques (technical wise) would take me like 3 months to learn most of it
SollyS3 (10:42:06 PM): bull
JambaSwirl (10:42:06 PM): and what are you talking about "i couldn't play blues"
JambaSwirl (10:42:22 PM): if you wanted to learn classical or flamenco you could
SollyS3 (10:42:54 PM): what ever, it was a bad example
SollyS3 (10:42:56 PM): how about this
SollyS3 (10:43:03 PM): a indie film director
JambaSwirl (10:43:07 PM): if your going to give me bullshit like "your not a blues man, you don't feel the blues" cause if its about fucking feeling then there's definetely no problem
SollyS3 (10:43:34 PM): who could either make the films that he feels are his art form and starve on the streets
SollyS3 (10:44:08 PM): or make comercial films for a television company and make money
SollyS3 (10:44:37 PM): what do you do?
JambaSwirl (10:44:58 PM): do the same thing, work with my studio abilites
JambaSwirl (10:45:01 PM): camera man, etc.
SollyS3 (10:45:19 PM): if your a director then you don't know how to work a camera
SollyS3 (10:45:24 PM): totaly different job
JambaSwirl (10:45:34 PM): i'd probably not give up right
JambaSwirl (10:45:38 PM): but get a regular job
JambaSwirl (10:45:41 PM): thats not relating to my art
JambaSwirl (10:45:44 PM): but still keep on doing my art
JambaSwirl (10:45:53 PM): see, for the guy in 1984 , he didn't have options
JambaSwirl (10:45:56 PM): it was one or another
SollyS3 (10:46:36 PM): but how can you be content makeing films that no one would see?
SollyS3 (10:46:44 PM): that would never be in any theaters
JambaSwirl (10:46:46 PM): you would work for that
JambaSwirl (10:46:52 PM): keep on keeping on
JambaSwirl (10:47:19 PM): while you worked your second job
JambaSwirl (10:47:23 PM): i mean think about it, im gonna be doing that
SollyS3 (10:47:45 PM): and you'd struggle and work in obsurity and do the second job you hated when you know that if you just did something that would sell you make a million
SollyS3 (10:47:50 PM): you'd win an oscar
JambaSwirl (10:48:00 PM): dude i could think that right now
JambaSwirl (10:48:04 PM): i could convert my style
JambaSwirl (10:48:07 PM): i could learn theory
JambaSwirl (10:48:09 PM): but i don't
SollyS3 (10:48:36 PM): theory isn't selling out, you jackass
JambaSwirl (10:49:02 PM): wrong example
JambaSwirl (10:49:14 PM): that was just an emphasis on the fact that i can learn standard techniques and sounds
JambaSwirl (10:49:54 PM): and be concrete in the standard way
SollyS3 (10:50:16 PM): what ever
SollyS3 (10:50:23 PM): the example isn't the point
JambaSwirl (10:50:32 PM): you just dodged your arguemtn through an example that wasn't the ponit
SollyS3 (10:50:56 PM): the example was just trying to ilustrate the question
SollyS3 (10:51:06 PM): but they odviosly weren't adiquit
JambaSwirl (10:51:56 PM): say it without examples
SollyS3 (10:51:57 PM): the point is the question of "would you rather do what you feel is right and be miserable or do what you feel is wrong and be happy"
SollyS3 (10:52:07 PM): would you rather be right or happy
SollyS3 (10:52:35 PM): the first example of 1984 did a better job of saying it
JambaSwirl (10:52:54 PM): happy. humans are known for their arrogance and standing up for what you think is right is not a solution to anything, especially if the case is that nobody saw you and you knew that nobody would.
JambaSwirl (10:53:16 PM): especially since one individual is so insignifigant why would you waste your time trying to be right just like an arrogant headstrong human
SollyS3 (10:54:21 PM): and individual may be insignificant to the world but not to the individual. I mean nothing to everybody else but I mean everything to me
SollyS3 (10:54:39 PM): and me doing the right thing means a lot to me
JambaSwirl (10:54:43 PM): yes thats why its so headstrong
SollyS3 (10:54:51 PM): I wouldn't sell that out
JambaSwirl (10:55:14 PM): i probably would compromise somewhat
SollyS3 (10:55:23 PM): I don't know how I would answer that question to tell the truth
JambaSwirl (10:55:24 PM): i never take extreme sides like this
JambaSwirl (10:55:32 PM): you always write blog posts that are questions
JambaSwirl (10:55:41 PM): and don't answer them
SollyS3 (10:55:48 PM): so?
JambaSwirl (10:55:58 PM): what for
SollyS3 (10:56:06 PM): they are big abstract questions not ment to be answered
SollyS3 (10:56:10 PM): ment to be thought about
JambaSwirl (10:56:22 PM): thinking is overrated
SollyS3 (10:56:28 PM): bull shit
SollyS3 (10:56:38 PM): thinking is all we have

yo soy un disco quebrado
yo tengo chicle en el cerebro


Hoochie Coochie Man

It feels like for the last manny months its been a real turn in events in my love life. Not a particularly positive one but a turn none the less. Wile as long as I can remember I would pine after a girl that I couldn't have. But now for the first time in my life I feel like getting a girl would be a peice of cake but theres no one that I want. I feel like theres plenty of girls flirting with me but they all just seem to annoy me or piss me off in one way or another. On a slightly different note I've decided that all I need is a girl who is in to Bob Dylan.

But y'know I'm here
Everybody knows I'm here