Miles Away

I love and hate my memory. Its definatly a good memory I know I can recal the layout of the house  I lived in in New Jersey even though I haven't been inside it since I was four years old. But it doesn't work for everything. I have no head for names or faces, sometimes I'll need to be introuduced to someone four times. I don't know what I said to people, to the extent that I often tell Adrian the same story three times over the couse of a week. I used to joke that I can memorize anything without trying as long as the information was useless. But heres the brillient thing: my memory for music is infinite. The first song I memorized, not including the musicals I did as a kid, was I Am The Walrus. I still know all the words by heart. But thats not fair I guess as I listen to the album its on pretty frequently. My first post Beatle's band was Green Day. I have not listened to American Ideot once in the last four years and I still know all the words to Jesus Of Suberbia. I can still tell you the words to a song I sang in a musical when I was in sixed grade. Looking at all of this it seems like braging but theres a point I want to make. I will never forget music and because of that every record I get to know is an addition. Another influence on my music. Every CD I buy and absorb is an investment that stays with me forever. And because of that I can just move forward forever without haveing to back track. A lot of old people I know just listen to they're old music because they have forgoten it and need to rediscover it. But as I grow older my music can just grow. It's a couple hundred albums worth right now but in two years that could double. By the time I graduate collage I could have thoulsands of influences I can call up. There is just so much good music out there just waiting for me to discover it. And I'm out to get it all. And I can't wait.

dressed again in all her wonder/and your more beautiful then ever

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