(My Head)

I see a lot of adds everyday. Everyone does. Thats ok. They keep my subway cost down and my television free. The worst add in the world is a print add in subway cars sometimes. Its for housing in a building in brooklyn heights with a great view over the river to manhattan. I walk along the proanade there sometimes when I need to get my head clear or do some art so I can tell you its beautiful. The add states "The New Defenition Of View" and that you can obtain one of these condos for as little as $400,000. This is all dandy. I don't like the gentrification of the heights. I mean Bob Dylan used to live with them just a few blocks away from this new building on Montague Street in the basement down the stairs. There was music in the streets at night and revolution was in the air. But thats all mostly done I am thirty years late. And everywhere is gentrified what can you do? The other thing it says is "It Defines You Well". That slogan is on every add for this place. The other changes per add I think. It defines you well. fuck. how does your fucking apartment define you. my apartment says I'm a slob. it says I'm a slum dweller with no taste. perhaps I should have chosen a place with a better view. Fuck you. The lifestyle product is prbably the epitome of evil in my mind. These slacks say your easy going but serious when you need to be. This flannel, when worn with big glasses, says that you listen to TV On The Radio and are cooler then everone else. This Hendrix T and battered lether jacket says I'm going to be saying a lot of things about not makin em like this anymore. Its great. It takes away your responcibility to actualy just be easy going or cool or to know why TV On The Radio are brillient. Why should you even care? when you can get people to think that you are all those things. Why should you even care when you get to cast off someone without giving them a chance. You should try it sometime. Its lots of fun. Why get an actual personality? Who needs them? It s compacting people. Send your taylored suit to the interview, bring in a picture of your view for your resume. Because they should know everything they need to know about you from just that. Have you ever stoped to think how buying that product will define you?

I need more money 'cause I need more drugs



Noone should go to good musiams with other people. Or at least they should change the way they do it. The conversations I hear make me want to jump out the window. Oh I like his use of the brown here, wow look at these brush strokes, isn't it elegant the way he curves this plane, well its really his choice of colors that tell you something, ah but you must think of the cultural implications surounding this peice. FUCK YOU. Hundreds of people stand around the floors of that museam every single day pretending they know about the art on the wall. Whats so terrible is not that they don't know a thing, its that that kind of knowledge is irrelevent. Thats not what you should be after. Its looking at a book and saying "ah, you see the literary devices here used to make you feel euforic? Aha, thats quite clever and enjoyable" instead of reading the passage and feeling euforic. You need to look at these paintings and feel and take them in and be absorbed by them. Don't fucking look at how it works. How it works is irrelevent. Its like taking apart a computer to try to see how a word prosseser works instead of typing with it. You are killing art. You already killed jazz. And I hate you for it.

forget all that and just wail