Plastic or How To Catch An Explosion With A Soul

Underground music is a study in movement. the biggest bitch of all us subterainians is when a band we like gets big. Ten million hipsters complained about the Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie. worce of course is when a scene gets big. I think this is good for music. 19nindyone hit and nirvana drags alternitive and heaver post punk into the lime light. bands like sonic youth and Dinosaur Jr. become big at rapid paces and the underground drops punk all together to start concentrating on post rock and lo fi. Garden state hits in 2kfive and the shins change your life with iron and wine and Alixi Murdoch and it becomes a moment of contention and signles the rise of new weird america and the post-punk resurection. it moves us forward. anger against the mainstreem wile often misplaced and largly a tenent of douche bags brings about change. I like animal collective, i do, but I hope tehy get famous and I hope it happons soon because I'm sick of it. You've started using your sounds as a gimic starting with strawberry jam, just a back up to what would probably get across ever better on acoustic guitar. before that the presentation was a necesary part of the songs. your tunes are still good don't get me wrong but you anoiy me. fleet foxes and I'm sory jackie but dr. dog as well are nostalgic which is a potent anti-art and they lay it on thick. fleet foxes will get famous and thats good so we can be done with it. Maybe we could then get ourselves something with passion outside of the yelps of wolf parade something thats unafraid of being cleque and something taht is afraid as fuck of being ironic as a defence. something experimental without walking in circles or doing it just for the sake of being experimental. something that can blow our minds back open hell even something tht can destroy the underground. I think 'teenage angst', a term we should abanden because of its patronizing overtones, is good. is powerful is pure. I think calling it imature or clieque is a defence as to not put yourself out there as vunerable. I think diching a band becasue they get big is imature. I think irony and overt sentimentality for the past are anti-arts. I think gental music can move you and change you but only loud music and passion can set you free.

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