Two things. First, because I don't think I can say it again as well:

jambaswirl (2:10:35 AM): existence
jambaswirl (2:10:37 AM): ergh
SollyS3 (2:10:44 AM): ha
jambaswirl (2:12:29 AM): everything is speculation
jambaswirl (2:12:29 AM): fuck it
jambaswirl (2:12:31 AM): lol
jambaswirl (2:12:34 AM): ...gar..
SollyS3 (2:35:43 AM): everything is esentialy meaningless
jambaswirl (2:36:05 AM): saying that is the most useless thing in existence because you attach meaning to things
jambaswirl (2:36:08 AM): and that's all that matters
SollyS3 (2:36:14 AM): I know
SollyS3 (2:36:20 AM): thats definatly true
SollyS3 (2:36:28 AM): but its more like
SollyS3 (2:37:00 AM): I'm feeling right now the meaning I attach is hollow
jambaswirl (2:37:14 AM): owned
SollyS3 (2:37:21 AM): dude
SollyS3 (2:37:27 AM): dirty projectors
SollyS3 (2:37:29 AM): godly
SollyS3 (2:39:12 AM): it just feels like I'm artificialy attaching meaning to everything where meaning isn't implicit
jambaswirl (2:39:39 AM): i feel like
jambaswirl (2:39:45 AM): when you think something is meaningful
jambaswirl (2:39:51 AM): you'll naturally apply meaning to it
SollyS3 (2:40:08 AM): yes
SollyS3 (2:40:31 AM): thats kinda my whole nihilist view
SollyS3 (2:40:48 AM): things are meaningful becasue we make them meaningful
SollyS3 (2:40:58 AM): they don't start that way by themselves
SollyS3 (2:41:54 AM): but what if I'm apllying meaning where I don't actualy think there is meaning
SollyS3 (2:42:23 AM): like when you listen to bad music
SollyS3 (2:42:29 AM): and convice yourself its good
SollyS3 (2:42:55 AM): really I'm just thinking about the notion of love
SollyS3 (2:43:15 AM): and something I herd someone say once
SollyS3 (2:43:41 AM): about how being in love with someone has to do with a need they fulfill in you
SollyS3 (2:44:23 AM): and when they stop fulfilling that need then the love is no longer there
SollyS3 (2:44:44 AM): and I think thats kinda true
SollyS3 (2:45:00 AM): but if it is
SollyS3 (2:45:06 AM): then theirs no real love
SollyS3 (2:45:17 AM): because then all love is condisional
SollyS3 (2:46:12 AM): and so you meet someone and you think, shit, I feel this way and it means we're conected
SollyS3 (2:46:26 AM): and from the nihilist point of view it does mean your conected
SollyS3 (2:46:34 AM): because you've asigned that meaning to it
SollyS3 (2:46:58 AM): but even though you have
SollyS3 (2:47:08 AM): that conection holds no weight
SollyS3 (2:47:21 AM): becasue its just there because you say it is
SollyS3 (2:47:32 AM): and it can blow away like the wind
SollyS3 (2:48:17 AM): the shins have this line "do afections fade away? or do adults just learn to play the most rediculous repulsing games?"
SollyS3 (2:48:29 AM): and that is paramount in my mind resently
SollyS3 (2:48:46 AM): like its screeming in there ocasionaly
SollyS3 (2:48:56 AM): "DO AFECTIONS FADE AWAY?"
jambaswirl (2:52:56 AM): lol epic
jambaswirl (2:53:54 AM): i think
jambaswirl (2:53:58 AM): that this will make you happy for a while
jambaswirl (2:54:00 AM): 
SollyS3 (2:55:45 AM): um
SollyS3 (2:55:46 AM): yes

Second is the other song I wrote the other day:

Never meant for you to follow
found a place where you would never see me
You'd never guess just how proud you would be

I'm gonna laugh until tomorrow
Just gonna take it, my love, its easy
Could not belive how much, my love, its so easy!

Aw don't you think you took too much?
You thought you didn't need a bit of luck?
Maybe you should shake it out, my love
Or have you lost the touch?

Were you ever really right?
I want you to tell me that its all alright
How does this play into your grand insight?
Oh won't you ever fight?

Oh my love are you really there?
It wouldn't do for you to view this gently
Yes that sounds lovely but would you like to try me?

But I really was nowhere
Maybe its time for you to grasp at threads
Do you think it all just could be in your head?

Aw don't you think you took too much?
You thought you didn't need a bit of luck?
Maybe you should shake it out my love
Or have you lost the touch?

Now were you ever really right?
I want you to tell me that its all alright
How does this play into your grand insight?
Oh babe, it might be your night

just this last time

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