Hang Me Up to Dry

Jack is probably the strangest person I know. I mean, anyone can tell you that hes weird but they don't know the half of it. A lot of people are weird when you first meet them but when you get to know them everybody is human. We have hopes, we have fears, we have insecurities, thoughts about the world, so on. Jack has none of these, or at lest none that I've ever seen after knowing him for years. Benji and him were very similar in my mind when I met them because of the jokes and non sequeters. But as I got to know Benji I quickly realized that hes just a guy with ADD and a strong want for people to like him. Jack is not. He is absolute. And though he is a lot of fun to hang out with, and occasionally makes good, intelligent conversation, that aspect of him scares the shit out of me. Theres not a lot to Jack. I don't know what must have happoned to him to push him into such simplicity. People shouldn't be absolutes. People should be people.

Beck has a song called Fuckin With My Head and its in my head. Two parts in particular the chorus 'when you want to be with me then we will see whos fucking with my head!' but mostly the refrain 'I AINT GOT NO SOUL! I AINT GOT NO SOUL! NO NO NO NO!' and thats in my head all day over and over "i aint got no soul!" Becks not my favorite artist, though he may or may not be in my top ten, but his songs seem to effect me in my life more then anyone elses. Why is that? And why is it that nobody else likes beck?

you wrung me out to to to many times

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