fuck you adrian. music isn't about logic. its about feeling it. Today I didn't see a concert. Jonny Greenwood premiered his first full scale classical piece called Popcorn Superhet Receiver tonight in san francisco. Tomorrow Jonny's main project, Radiohead, is headlining Outside Lands Festival and being the first band to ever play in golden gate park at night. Balcony seats were only fifteen dollars. That started, I suppose, about an hour ago. Fine. So why do I feel like shit? I shouldn't. I feel like one of those brats who doesn't get one tiny thing that he wants and troughs a fit over it. I am after all going to see day one of outside lands tomorrow. I don't want to feel this way but I do, so what can I do. Because I watched these tickets. I found out about the performance two weeks before tickets went on sale. I spared the word looking for someone to go with. Parker seemed very excited about it. But I was screwed over by the tickets. Because they were available only by will call meaning that the person whos name is on the credit card needed to be there to pick the tickets up. My mom didn't want to drive me and parker into the city that day so that was out. So we could still buy them by going into the city before hand and getting the physical ticket. That was supposed to be monday. I even agreed to work on the rotoscopeing for my short films (a very painful and time consuming aspect of special effect post-production) so my mom would drive me in. But then after three hours of trying to get her out the door I realized that she wasn't going to drive me in like she said she would. So I was screwed there. But I could go in by myself to purchase the tickets but since we had no cash in the house, (not even thirty fucking dollars) I asked my mom to go withdraw some of my money from the bank so I could get the tickets but she didn't. So I was screwed there. I asked Parker to buy the tickets but he called me back the next day telling me he couldn't, not that I was really surprised. My mom assured me that I could purchase at the door. I figured that I could buy with the credit card and show my id as her son and get the tickets. But it was too late they were sold out. I looked on craigs list but nothing materialized there either. And so here I am. feeling as about to explode. Because I did everything in my power but I was completely powerless. and you know even had i got the tickets parker would have then informed me that he couldn't go and I would be screwed again i bet. this is not something to feel this way about GODDAMN. but I can't shake it.

let me tell you bout my baby


Adrian said...

who the fuck are you? You can't put words in my mouth that I've never said nor implied. i never said music was about logic, so what the hell are you talking about. I didn't even bring up that fucking subject. Don't tell people to fuck themselves if you're going to go around misinterpreting shit while pissed off.

If you're talking about my post about what you can use to define good or bad music, you're a fucking dick cause 1. you agreed with me 2. sissy spacek isn't good even if it only had feeling. Music is a fucking form that can be scattered or refined, but sissy spacek is not it. Logic has nothing to do with what I said in this post.

It's not even a fucking premiere, get your facts straight. I already heard a live recording of it.

Sticky said...

sorry, I was pretty pissed off when I wrote that. It was in response to me saying that a classical piece live is so far removed from a recording and you calling that bull shit. It also had to do with me thinking back to when you would call me materialistic for preferring vinyl records and cds over pirated music. Secondly, even though I wasn't thinking about sissy spacek when I wrote this they are still good music and I'm sorry your so pissed off that I feel that way. Thirdly, I wasn't thinking about that post either as I (to an extent) agree with it. And its true that it premiered at the BBC but yesterday was the north american premier and probably the only chance I will have to see it.