Love → Building on Fire

in aol instant messenger it started to allow you to put status messages. Right now mine says Qu'est Que C'est ('whats this' in french). And it says that for a number of reasons. First and foremost its a reference to a talking heads song Psycho killer. But its also a reference to the last phrase I had there, Whats This, being the direct french translation of it. Whats This in turn was a reference to a radiohead song Paranoid android and also referencing that I was going to see radiohead soon after I put that and also in general response to all thats about to change around me. "from all the unborn chicken voices in my head Whats this?" Radiohead in turn is named after a talking heads song of the same name.
Why did I put so much thought in to these things? Because I'm an idiot.

its not love, which is my face, which is a building, which is on fire

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