Turn The Page

I can't write a song. Its not that I'm incapable, I have in the past writen some lyrics that I'm proud of though none of them fit well to music, its more of that I have nothing to write about. So I thought about the lyrics of my favorite songs. A good deal of them have to do with love. I love you, I want you, You've done me wrong, I'm leaving you. So nix on that. I've never been in love, I haven't been lusting after anyone for ages, and its been a long time since a girl has done me wrong. I've tried to kinda make things up, to do imagery song writing. But I always feel a bit phony. How can I sing about an emotion that I haven't experienced? A lot of the other songs, since I listen to so much blues influenced music, are about anger and depression. Something I'm a bit more familiar with. Most of my older songs have to do with that. And wile I'm still depressed its not the violent, overwhelming depression that has plagued me for the last couple of years. Right now I'm in the midst of something very different. A smoldering cynical form of the emotion that is more defeatist then passionate. How do I write a song that says 'nothing has happened, nothing happened again, I'm just bored and upset'. Its hardly song writing material. So I'm stuck in a rut.

wow, thanks very much if you read all of that.

(for some reason they didn't have turn the page anywhere on the web so I put stay positive, by the same artist on the playlist instead. but you realy should check out turn the page.)

all stare, eyes glazed
garage burnt down, the fire raged

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