You get one of those days were everything gos right but the sky is a little bit gray and its a little bit cold but thats ok. It shouldn't be able to ruin your day. So you go through the day and you have a good time and you get home and get in bed and you realize that it did ruin your day. That somehow the whole thing was a bit off and prevented you from enjoying anything. And you get really upset because that was such a waist of such a good day, why couldn't it have been yesterday? Yesterday you were happy and excited and wanted to have some fun but nothing happened. Had this day happened yesterday it would have been incredible. You could have enjoyed it. But instead your lying here in you bed, trying to get to sleep and obsessing about what should have been an amazing day but instead was just sad.

That was my week

all my friends are skeletons
they beat the rhythm with their bones

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Adrian said...

That was.... my life...