new song lyrics

I guess she didn't
didn't know what to say
to end it

her eyes were red
torn knee, wet hands,
bad dreams, always

I told her to be strong
told her to satisfy
what she had inside
tucked in backup files
tucked away for rainy days
that never came

they say on the news
-he used to say thouse eyes looking out at you-
the tide has risen
it's contense looking for new food

the surf now hits the sidewalk
polished to new life
It's going out here

so heres to this breath
heres to our eventual pain
heres to the sun thats going out
and to the endless pouring rain
you always thought that it was always just the same
but it'll never be that way again

and when it comes
I'll be gone
one thing I know
that I won't be there beside you
I'm not gonna be there beside you
we always said
that we were gonna die alnoe
but god we didn't even know

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