I am a nihilist. You are too. In a very real sense we believe in nothing. Nietzsche said that god is dead in that its no longer possible for us to believe in him. And its not. You say you have a philosophy or your spiritual or you believe in something more but in the middle of the day you believe in what you see. I know theres nothing more than what I see.

No future
I believe in nothing but its my nothing
I've got no ideal inside of me, in fact there's nothing at all

goin a little crazy


Adrian said...

Goddammit don't push your beliefs onto others. Just because someone believes in what they see doesn't mean they're incapable of believing in something spiritual as well.

You knowing that 'there isn't anything else' is a belief. Don't act like you know more than you do, cause there's no possible way to. By thinking you know more, you are only being pretentious.

Communication itself is spiritual communion. Music is spiritual communion. Our feelings are incomprehensible and unsharable, and through music and words we are given a sense of SPIRITUAL fucking communion. What is this? REAL spirituality. All this shit is just one example and it's my take on it. You can logically assert yourself but you're acting absolute, which is totally messed.

Why are you plaguing every instance of existence with negativity? Just because something can be given a negative connotation doesn't mean it's better to think that way.. You seem to think that all knowledge is miserly but that's not necessarily true. You're making it true for yourself.

Sticky said...

Your acting as if believing in just what you see is a bad thing. I don't think it is.

And I don't mean to push my ideas on you I'm just observing what people do. Everyone says that they have theses beliefs that there is more than just us but they don't act like it. They just say it. You might say you think there is something etheral about you sharing music with me but I think you know that conection is just you sharing music with me. Just because its more than mundain doesn't mean its supernatural. And how is communication spiritual communion? Useing the word spiritual in this way is meaningless.

And by saying that i believe in nothing doesn't mean that I think everything is negetive, though I was in a bad mood last night righting that. Believing in something solid is escapeism, its a drug. And in a sence nihilism is freeing. I have no responciblitly to a higher power I only answer to myself. If everything is conected then when I fuck up everything suffers. If the world doesn't give a fuck then I'm the one who pays for my mistakes.

Take for example the people who believe that "as you let something be it will let you be, even canser." What happons when one of them then dies of canser? Does that mean they did it wrong, that they didn't let the canser be? Does that mean its their falt that they died? But if you believe in nothing then you say 'No'. He let the canser be but the canser didn't know that. As you let it be the canser was indiferent and killed you anyway. It wasn't your falt it was just canser.

Theres nothing you can do that can't be done