The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Adrian seems to think his blog is terrible. He looks at mine and at Travis' and at whoever elses and he thinks we have more insight because our posts are a bit more straight froward, a bit more abstract, and a bit more consistent. He thinks that this makes ours better. Hes wrong. We have a thought and we make a mental note to write a blog post about it and later we do. He has a thought and makes a mental not to write a blog post about it and he gos and writes a post about something basically different. He wrights as he thinks it. And though he has self pity similar to me he is less removed from it. You can hear the genuine angst and confusion, more honestly in every post then anything on my page. Its easily the best blog I've ever read. Keep writing.

there is music that sounds from the streets

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Adrian said...

What can I say.. thanks