Chemical World

Never read an entire book in one night. I have this tendency to do it often, usually about once a month. All it takes is a small burst of insomnia and a really really good book. Most recently, the night of memorial day, it was Phonogram, a comic book, maybe 200 pages, a one hour read if you take your time. It took me three hours, I slaved over every word. Its not a depressing book. Angry? yes. Obsessive? possibly. but not depressed. I've read it twice since. And somehow last tuesday I was off my up swing, angry, bordering on rage even, bitter, sarcastic, brooding, down. Insomnia. 'How come I end up where I started?' a radiohead lyric.

in a chemical world
its very very very cheap

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Parker said...

Hey man, I love to read this shit- it's great. I don't always comment, but I'm reading. I'm brooding with you. There's something do disgustingly cathartic about blogging, it can be hard to read other people's sometimes; I like that I have to figure yours out.