Archive of Pain

I have nothing but empathy. And in the day light I see you or anyone and thats my sister (brother, whatever) and shes the man. And did you know if she had to she would go to hell for you. And shes in this life alone where noones giving her a break and she thinks no one understands. But I understand and I may not know you but your my friend and I love you. But come night I see you and I know you. And you think no one understands but I understand you. And I know that you would fuck me over if you had the chance. And I see you lie and I see you cheat and I see you play your friends for nothing and I get you. And I hate you and I hate everything you stand for. Everything you've ever touched. And as you reflect on me I hate me.
But I guess I feel that way about everyone.

nail it to the house of lords
you will be buried in the same box as a killer

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