Life Being What It Is

Jackie made me realize today how I hang out with people I hate. My first thought was how horrible this is. How could I possibly speak badly behind their back and then go talk to them as if everythings alright? And even worse some of these people I actually despise. Everything they stand for makes me sick. So what do I do. The honest thing to do would be to make a clean cut and stop talking to them all together. But could I really live with three friends? I've seen some people who have already done this and the results are not pretty. They turn out more isolated and bitter. And though at the end of the day I hate these people I hang out with, while I'm with them I have fun and dont mind them. Or if I do then I leave or go to sleep and no ones the worse for it. And though the truth is I can't forgive them ultimately, maybe theres ethics in immediate acceptance.

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Adrian said...
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Adrian said...

Yeah, I once saw this guy that reduced himself to three friendships, and the result was NOT pretty at all. Oh wait... that person is me.

Anyways... its not that bad cause I prefer to hang out with one person at a time anyways. Groups = An excess of people acting retarded as fuck.

But then again, this comment is just me talking about myself, so I'm going to actually comment on your post now. You can pull a doublethink and pretend like they didn't do anything wrong, especially if you intend to hang out with them. I'd do that.

Adrian said...

Oh and by the way, I'm joking about the double think part