Death By Misadventure

Ok, Heres the idea

somewhere around 7 or 8 pm, soon after magic hour when its light enough to get a good shot but late enough that not many cars are zooming around albany. I walk out of my garage, take a right, look both ways down the street then down at my shadow, there are no cars on the street. I take the immediate left and cross key route. I see a silhouette of a man in front of the apartment building that is across from the middle school and as I get closer he turns to look at me and then runs into the building. I keep walking, past the building, and as I start to cross masonic a light washes out the left side of the screen. I turn to look left and see the headlights of a car rushing at me. It doesnt take long until the light takes up the whole screen and the movie ends. This is all shot form my first person perspective such that you never see me, just my outline in my shadow.

As per sound we have three options
1. Set it to music. My first thought was airbag by radiohead, Adrian suggested something by Godspeed! but I would have to listen to it first
2. No music but you here the sound of my foot steps and the ones of the man who runs into the apartment. The car I would still leave silent
3. Complete silence.

What it would require:
A camera - I've been spoiled by the ones from sfsu and might still be able to borrow one, hopefully would not have to settle for a camcorder
A crew - At least four people other then me who are orginized and willing to do what I say, one of who could drive
A car - any kind
Some mics if we want to do the footstep idea

It would only take an hour or less to shoot and could turn out really well

surprise again
your right again

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