My Generation

I got an essay question in school the other day. It asked if I was to live in another time and place what would it be. Initially the answer seemed obvious. In fact a wile ago I had decided that I wanted to have been born in 1950. I would grow up with the blues and the birth of rock and roll. I'd be 17 in '67 for sgt. peppers, jimi hendrix, and the summer of love. I'd be 26 in '76 to witness the birth of punk rock. But when I think about it there was a lot wrong with that period. We had a president that was an asshole a pointless violent war raging, and a bunch of kids with fake ideals running around, talking bullshit. I know that I would just be the same kid couped up in his garage, hating the world. Worse than that, I'd be pushing 58 right now to see how my generation had failed, and become what they despised. You can romanticize it all you want but the truth is, people don't change, and the only way the world shifts is in superficial ways. So I would not wish to live in the 1960's.
But you can't put that in an essay without being called rebellious, so I lied my ass off.

why don't you just f-f-fade away?

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