Sunshine of Your Love

The Beatles have been stuck in my head for the last several days. This may not seem like anythink revolutionary. The truth is, at any given moment for the last three and a half years, chances are that theres a Beatles' song running through my mind. But the past few days have been different. Instead of my usual playlist of Yer Blues, Oh Darling, Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, Come Together, and a dozen others, is been Love to You, Mother Natures Sun, I Want to Tell You, I Want You/She's So Heavy, Julia, and especially Got to Get You Into My Life. I have dreams about that song. The strange thing is, nothing else has changed. I'm not so depressed right now, but give it a few days, it'll come back. I'm not in love, lust, or want. Nor in desperation, angst, or grief. The only song of that list I can even relate to is I Want to Tell You, witch is about being at a complete loss for words whenever your around someone you like. But, god, I want the feeling of Got to Get You Into My Life. It would be great! And you know what? I'm ready for it. Two weeks ago I couldn't have been in a relationship, I would have sabotaged it before it got off the ground. But right now, I be a great boyfriend. I mean, god damn, I'm love sick and I'm not even in love!

Wow, I've totally forgotten where I was going with that rant. Whatever

I've been waiting so long
To get where I'm going
In the Sunshine of Your Love!

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