and a song

unfinished, of course.

You woke up
And fluttered out of touch
You fell asleep last night with eyes brighter than I could imagine
And in the darkness of sleep
I couldn’t talk to you

And I could give you a little more time
I am a coil twisting out of shape
I am a congregation of feelings and wine
That will stain your hands in ways
That are not coming off

And you chain yourself to the breeze
And I’m climbing trees
To get away from my family
Up where I can feel the breeze
As you blow over me it’s true
It’s true I do like you

Oh if I could find
I’d take you out of time

I shook me out I
Tried to stop it I
Tried to stop it I’ll
Have to see I’ll
Let you know what I believe in now

Oh if I could find
I’d take you out of time
I’ll put you where
I don’t care

I'll put you where
I don't care to change you
I just care what you do
Who I am without you

I’ll put you where
I’ve never seen the air
I need to breath
That I force in and out of me
Through a weird contraption
That I never took the time to understand
I am not doing all I can
It’s just like me

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