Run Into Flowers

as much as I love such great heights, and I really do love such great hights the postal services version even more then iron & wines, their best song will always be the track before it. the district sleeps alone tonight I guess is about a man out of place. across the country from home finding himself in dc house sitting. and he gets his instructions and he tells the friends visiting that no the owner isn't here and I'm just house sitting I'm just temporary but hes not paying antention to any of it at all becasue his mind is preocupied thinking about the floor beneath him and the soil of the district underneath and he think the only thing keeping him dry the only thing keeping him afloat from breaking down under the pressure of overwhelm of the new place so fucking out of context is where he is. is for the city and all its wonder. today it rained real hard and I was walking around the financial district because I realized how manny places I hadn't been and was still left to see and I found myself in battery park looking out standing on the coast of the hudson watching the ferrys and the sea floating up and down and the small round waves crash against the shore and the buildings in brooklyn and over there right in front of me was the statue of liberty getting blanketed like the rest of us by the fog and the rain. and I am getting soaked to death but I'm not paying attention becasue it seemed so out of context and I was here and there are so manny people and I still don't know one of them but this is my city and it is always here and even though I was so fucking wet I felt the only thing keeping me dry is where I am.

give the boys some chemicals
i want to run with you

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