The Sprawl

Do you ever get one of thouse what am I doing here moments? Like I look back on what I was a year ago or two years ago and I think how did I get from there to here? I want to go back sometimes. I don't know anymore. I want to go traviling. Just see america on train and hitchiking and couch surfing. Taking with me one guitar two changes of close and a book or two. I want to do this more than anything. But I couldn't do it alone. And thats the goddamn problem. Who of my friends would go along? It would have to be Jackie or Adrian I guess, everyone else I couldn't stand after so long. I guess Aidan or Chris Jones would be Ok but I couldn't talk any of these people into comming. Fuck practicality. If we couch surfed and hitchhicked the only monney we would need would be for food, and I can always busk. Food is cheap. This is what I've been thinking about. This is what I want to do. I hate the goddamn cold. I never understood all the metephors about winter until now. It stifles everything. Its like the world lays down until spring. I need spring.

does this sound simple? fuck you

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