Pillars Were Hollow and Filled With Candy So We Tore Them Down

before I wrote the note to jackie on the back of that photograph I decided to burn the edges. I think I know why. I had accedentaly caught a napkin on fire from the stove earlyer and the idea of the fire so suddenly jumping from something as contained as the stove to a fire that is wild and threatened to burn my hand was nice. but as I went to burn the edge and it caught fire I suddenly didn't want to put it out. I had a quick flash in my mind of the great photograph fire and then of sending jackie a burnt stub of a picture with here adress and the word smile writen a million times on what was left of the back. actualy I still like that idea. maybe i'll do it a bit later to surprise jackie or someone else. but why did I have that urge so suddenly one might ask. someone else might ask why didn't I do it. I know the answer to the second one. it was because unfortunitly my base urges are always twards the sensible not the extreem and in moments of stress I tend to snap back to them. secondly it was because that picture I love and wanted to share with jackie and didn't want to have to go and pay to get reprinted. but I think it would have been a beautiful beautiful distruction.

fins to make us fish-like

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