Inertiatic ESP

I generally have this neat little function in my head that I call the 'aw, fuck it' reflex. It occurs when I'm in an unsure situation and I'm afraid of potential consequences. For example a number of years ago when some friends where trying to get me to ride a roller coaster. I was scared shitless but at the same time didn't want to sit out the ride and then my mind kicked in 'aw, fuck it' (not in those words, I was pretty young at the time) and I went. Its served me well, it gets me a good deal of experiences I wouldn't have otherwise had. Not all of them good but at least from then on I could always say I'd went for it. And yet tonight it didn't show up when I needed it, it didn't occur to me until an hour later when it seemed so simple.

last night i herd lepers

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