Where is My Mind?

Please do not tell me you don't like that song because its overplayed, or because those idiots like it, or because the lead singer is an asshole. Ok, I concede that when some moron raves about a track it becomes embarrassing but please, instead of saying "thats far from their best track, though" just say "your pretty dumb, could you just stop talking". Don't let them take that song, or that album, or that band from you. And how often do you listen to the radio anyway? For you overplayed means "herd about six people mention it". And anyway, are you really listening to music for social reasons? I thought you actually liked it. So do me a favor, pretend that no one else ever listened to it, pretend the band doesn't exist. I'm tired of your shit. Just here the fucking music.

your head will collapse but theres nothing in it
and you'll ask yourself, where is my mind?

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