I Woke Up Today

You may have heard but I'm gonna say it anyway. I might be getting out of here a little early. You see the rent has gone up and my mom is looking at this other place in albany for quite a bit cheaper. The catch is that its only two rooms instead of three. So to make up for that my mom has decided to kick me out. I'm almost defiantly not getting into albany high next year and she thinks that I'm waisting my time here. So I'm going to new york. I figure I'll get a job right a way and live in a dirt cheep place with a room mate or three with my mom sending me some of the money saved on rent. I can get by real cheep. And I'll go to community college in the afternoon to get the high school credits I need. Nothings final yet but I do hope this happens. I'll miss my friends here, particularly the three of you that read this blog. But at the same time I can't wait.

the way it glows
the way it always knows


Jacquelyn Nan said...

o man Stuart, that sounds amazing, BUT I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH.

Adrian said...

If you're going to do that, do it well. You'll become the most intense person ever. I'm scared.