Lost in the Supermarket

I'm on the retreat and we had to take off our shoes for one activity or another and the girl next to me was upset that here feet were gross because she stepped in a muddy puddle with her flip flops. I couldn't tell really. She was disgusted by my socks because they were a bit brown. I explained that I had walked around in them without my shoes for a wile and that I hadn't asked to take off my shoes after all but she wouldn't get off it. I thought life is gonna hit her like a steam train but I guess it might not beautiful people can get away with anything. Then today after I got back I was at a recycling booth in berkeley and saw homeless and poor people screaming at each other for no reason. Someones gonna hit me for repeating the cliche of what ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I've always thought whatever doesn't traumatize you makes you better. So there was the clean freak who was too sheltered and the sad people who had been thrown into the world and were no better for it. So is there anyway to be thrown into the world and survive it without being traumatized. And whats the healthy medium.

I wasn't born so much as I fell out

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