I think that irony is the lowest form of humor. But people seem to love it. Its what allowed scary movie I, II, III, and IV to make so much money. And it thrives because its easy. I takes no more skill then repeating what someone said in a mocking voice. Last year it became fashionable to praise boy bands in an ironic sense. But at some point it gets too 'I get it, haha, now can you turn off that fucking music'. Hipsters quietly enjoy irony to such an extent that almost everything they do loses meaning, being just a small joke on something else.

and that blood is in my head
then thank god that I'm as good as dead


Jacquelyn Nan said...

o the irony

Parker said...

Hm. Maybe. It's hard to say that somebody's entire purpose is to bring to life a series of ironic jokes and fashions... but then... cough Jackie.

Just kidding, Jackie. :) but I see what you're getting at Stuart. Shit, who knows, right?

Adrian said...