Purple Haze

Untitled as of yet

I'm feeling
Its feeling kinda daft
Its feeling kinda daft and I think I'll take a bath
I think I'll take a bath its starting building up
Its building higher and I'm getting kinda stuck
I'm in the middle of a revolving solving line
I'm in the middle when I start to blow my mind
I'm gone out when I see my sleeves I see my heart
I start to loose it when I know its just the start
I start to loose it

I try
I try to loose my mind
I try to loose my mind and I don't know whats behind
I'm looking backwards and I'm jumping in my sleep
I'm sleeping more there ain't no floor beneath my feet
I dream of falling but I make to just look front
I'm loosing balance and I can't pull off the stunt
I see the crowd and they want me too give in
I see them laughing when they knock me on the chin
I see them crying when my act has come to end
I see you shaking as you are my only friend

on another note I watched donnie darco again. damn.

excuse me wile I kiss the sky

1 comment:

Adrian said...

The last stanza just hits harder and harder as I read it. Damn. Good lyrics are the powerful ones, and that was powerful. Fuck.